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Handling Objections Tutorial

What do you do when the people you talk to say “no”? This tutorial provides guidance and key strategies to overcoming objections and closing the sale.


You’ve mastered the basics of using the products, wearing the Herbalife buttons, and talking to people. But what if the people you’re talking to say “not for me”? A lot of the time, objections just mean that people need more information. Doing a good job of handling objections can be the key to closing a sale. Here are some frequent examples.

  • “It’s too expensive”

You say: “At less than $3.00 per meal, each shake costs less than a burger, fries and soda.”

  • “I’m not sure, I want to think about it.”

You say: “Can I run through anything again for you? Do you have any other questions I didn’t answer? You do want to lose weight, right?”

  • “I’m not sure I want to skip meals.”

“You shouldn’t skip meals. The Weight Management programs call for three meals a day. Two meals are in the form of a nutritious shake, and the third is a healthy and well-balanced meal to lose weight.”

  • “Are the products safe?”

“Absolutely! These products were developed by scientists based on science. I use the products myself.”

  • “Do Herbalife® products comply with regulations?”

“Yes. All Herbalife® products meet the requirements for each and every country in which they’re sold.”

  • “Why should I buy beauty products like these from you instead of from a retail store?”

You say: “I believe these products have exclusive formulations based on current science. Also, I will be your personal consultant and can help you get the results you´re looking for.”

  • “I don´t have time for a new skin routine”

“A daily routine will only take a few minutes in the morning and again in the evening using three easy steps – cleanse, tone and moisturize.”

  • “I already have other skin products like these at home.”

“Great! How much do you have left? By the time I order and send the products, you´ll be running low and need replacements.”

  • “Do you test on animals?”


  • “What makes these different from the products I am currently using?

“The products are formulated by experts specifically for your skin type. Also, I´m your personal consultant and can help you get the results you are looking for.”

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