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Lose Weight – Jeef L – South Rockwood, MI – 30 lbs lost

“After getting my weight down, implementing exercise, personal development and more products, my confidence has grown. I’m turning 62 this year, and I’m excited about being a healthy, active husband, father and grandfather of 12. I’m also excited to be a part of Mark Hughes’, Herbalife Founder and First Member (1956-2000), dream of changing peoples’ lives around the world with the amazing Herbalife® products, lifestyle and mindset.”

“I had low energy and was losing my dream of a healthy, active life. Inspired by my wife’s results with the Herbalife® products, I started my core program and lost 30 lbs. With good nutrition and exercise, I trained for my first marathon in 2005. Today I’m grateful for my Herbalife nutrition and healthy, active lifestyle, which has allowed me to continue running marathons while promoting running in our community.”*


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