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What is Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake?

What is Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake?

Formula 1 is a delicious calorie-controlled healthy meal replacement shake providing many of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs everyday, along with a good balance of carbohydrate, soy protein and fibre.

  • Developed by experts in nutrition, this high quality, effective formula is a result of sound research and science.
  • Only the very best ingredients are sourced and rigourous quality testing is carried out every step of the way.
  • With all this to offer, it’s no wonder that Formula 1 is the number 1* meal replacement shake in the world.

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What’s the difference between a Meal Replacement Shake and a Protein Shake?

Meal replacements and protein shakes have significant differences in nutritional profile and benefits.

Protein shakes are typically very high in protein and have less than 5 g of carbohydrates, as they are not intended to be full meals. Meal replacement shakes like Formula 1, have a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre and have been designed to replace one to two meals per day in conjunction with an energy restricted diet to help with weight management.

Formula 1 has the added benefits of up to 22 essential vitamins and minerals per serving, as well as being rich in high quality protein from dairy and soy. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Shake Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake

Formula 1 FACTS

What are the benefits of Formula 1?

  • Calorie controlled: 220 kcal per serving
  • High in protein: 18g per serving
  • Soy protein: a complete protein providing all the essential amino acids
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals
  • Underpinned by science
  • Developed by experts in nutrition
  • Quick to whip up – just 3 minutes to make!
  • Can be personlised with your favourite fruits
  • Also available F1 Free From – free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to directions.
*Replacing one meal per day with a meal replacement as part of an energy restricted diet contributes to weight maintenance following weight loss *28.5% market share of the Global Meal Replacement category. Euromonitor 2012.

Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake


Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake

It’s important to eat balanced nutritious meals every day. Formula 1 shake is one way to help achieve your recommended daily intake of essential nutrients when consumed as part of a healthy and nutritious diet.

A similar amount of protein as 1 fillet of baked cod

A similar amount of vitamin C as 1 medium sized satsuma

A similar amount vitamin E as 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

A similar amount of vitamin A as 100g of cheddar cheese

A similar amount of calcium as 2 pots of plain yoghurt

A similar amount of potassium as 1 banana

* The depicted foods above contain other nutrients not present in Herbalife® Formula 1 shake.

One serving of F1 meal replacement shake made up with 250 ml semiskimmed milk provides.

Clinical studies show that daily use of a meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie restricted diet is proven for managing weight, along with moderate exercise. Consume Formula 1 as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

What is protein and why is it such an important part of our diet?

Protein is an important building block of bones, muscle, skin, nails and hair. Protein is also used to make enzymes, hormones or to support digestion of food.

What is protein and why is it such an important part of our diet?

Protein is an important building block of bones, muscle, skin, nails and hair. Protein is also used to make enzymes, hormones or to support digestion of food.

What is protein and why is it such

Foods high in protein include eggs, beef, lean meats, soya beans and milk which are great, but the amount and more importantly the quality of proteins can vary widely. Proteins from beef and pork come with additional fat and cholesterols which should be eaten in moderation. Proteins that are plant based come with the added benefit of fibre, so this is an ideal protein source. Soy protein has the highest quality of amino acids among vegetable sources, which classifies it as a
complete protein.

Ingredient focus PROTEINS

What proteins do we use in our Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake?

We use high quality soy, which is a complete protein with an excellent amino acid profile.

What makes soy such a great protein choice?

Soy protein comes from the soy bean, a legume that contains no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat. Soybeans are a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids – amino acids that our bodies cannot make and must be obtained from food. There are different types of soy protein. The type we use in our products is soy protein isolate, which is the most pure and refined soy available. Soy isolates are made from the de-fatted beans, with most of the other ingredients removed, leaving almost a pure protein source.

How do we make Formula 1 taste so great?

The main sugar we use in Formula 1 is fructose. We also use sweeteners in some of our Formula 1 flavours, to ensure they taste great and to keep the calories low.

What is Fructose?

Fructose is also know as fruit sugars and shouldn’t be confused with regular table
sugar. It is the sweetest of all naturally occurring carbohydrates. It is a simple sugar found in many plants, honey, and root vegetables, and is one of the most basic units of carbohydrates. Natural fructose, like other simple sugars, supplies your body with energy.


A serving of Formula 1 has a similar amount of fructose as a small apple Which is also half the amount of Fructose you would get from a large pear. A good rule of thumb for most healthy people is 10% of total calories from added sugars which is about 50g per day for an average 2000 calorie intake for an adult.

The fructose used in our Formula 1 shakes along with the natural sugar (lactose) from cows
milk, contribute to the amount of carbohydrates they provide, which supplies your body with energy. These carbohydrates are carefully balanced with high quality protein from dairy and soy, along with fibre and up to 22 essential vitamins and minerals, so what you get is a delicious perfectly balanced, healthy meal replacement!

How do the different sugars break down in Formula 1 Vanilla?
Total sugars per serving = 20.9g
of which is Fructose = 8.4 g
of which is lactose = 12.5 g

Soy Myths

Myth 1: Soy protein lowers testosterone levels and increases estrogen levels.
This is FALSE. Multiple research studies following professional male athletes with high levels of soy protein intake show no changes in testosterone levels.

Myth 2: Soy contains oestrogen—and is only a woman’s protein.
This is FALSE. There is no scientific evidence that typical use of soy protein exerts any unwanted effects on hormone levels, muscle development, strength training or physical characteristics of the body. Numerous studies with healthy, young men show that soy protein does not increase oestrogen concentrations in the blood.

Myth 3: Soy proteins are difficult to digest and cause stomach irritation and gas.
This is FALSE. We use isolated soy protein, which is highly digestible.

Source: F1_Trifold_Leaflet.pdf

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