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Are All High Protein Diets Created Equal?

Are All High Protein Diets Created Equal?

A clinical study undertaken at the University of Ulm, Germany, studied the impact of different protein diets on weight loss. The study, which lasted for a total of 12 months, consisted of male and female subjects and was split into two groups of 50 subjects each, with both groups consuming a high protein diet.Protein Diets

The first group was instructed to follow a diet that supplied about twice the protein obtained from a typical diet. The subjects replaced two meals a day with Herbalife’s European Formula 1 shakes mixed with semi-skimmed milk (0.5 to 2.0% fat) and ate one regular high-protein meal each day. A high protein meal provides 2.2g of protein/Kg of lean body mass. The second group was instructed to follow a standard protein diet using regular grocery store foods.

Both groups followed their respective programs for three months. During the three-month period, the group consuming Herbalife® Formula 1 shakes, made with semi-skimmed milk and extra protein from Herbalife F3 PPP, lost on average 72% more weight than the group instructed to consume a standard protein diet from conventional foods they selected. For the next nine months, both groups were instructed to follow the same high-protein maintenance program, using one Herbalife® shake per day to replace a single meal. They followed this regimen for nine months. At the end of the 12 month study period, those who used Herbalife® Formula 1 Shakes for the full 12 months lost more than 200% more body fat than those who tried the standard protein diet using conventional foods for the initial three-month period.


Using the Herbalife® Formula 1 product as directed, as part of a high-protein, calorie-controlled diet is proven to yield significant increases in weight loss over a conventional foodbased standard protein program.

Further findings based Upon This Clinical Study: The use of Herbalife® Formula 1 and Formula 3 (PPP) can support a weight-loss program, and the continued use of Herbalife® Formula 1 after initial weight loss can help to maintain results.

Herbalife is also excited about the broader implications of this study. Using the Herbalife F1 Shakes as part of a balanced and varied diet helps maintain good overall health by delivering nutrients to the body and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Source: 324-MHL-092-GN-ULMProteinFlyer-Flyer-V1.pdf

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