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What is the Trial Pack?

What is the 3-Day Trial Pack?

The 3-Day Trial Pack gives you 6 delicious meal replacements and our Total Control, which is amazing, and makes you feel energized! When we talk, I will customize how much protein, etc. you should be getting and also share some easy snacks for Great Results!


3-Day Trial Packs are available as a single pack and in sets of 10 through the product catalog on MyHerbalife.com.

There are no Member discounts on these SKUs. The same cost applies for everyone. The single purchase trial pack is perfect for shipping directly from the Herbalife warehouse to out-of-town customers.

The set of 10 should be ordered to supply requests for 3-Day Trial Packs in your area, or when ordering 10 packs to send to one shipping location.

The 3-Day Trial Pack is a perfect way to introduce potential customers to Herbalife Nutrition. The packs are low cost and help customers build confidence in the products. Each pack includes:

– Formula 1 + PDM On The Go packets, 17 g of protein per serving (6)
– Total Control tablets (2 packets of 3 tablets each)
– Pamphlet, English (1)
– Pamphlet, Spanish (1)

You can also watch the webinar training video featuring Chairman’s Club member Mary Holloway to learn more about this new business tool.

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