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Satisfy Your Snack Cravings

Protein Bars are a delicious between-meal treat that will satisfy your hunger as well as providing optimum nutritional support. Protein Bars are power-packed with protein and will also boost your energy levels.


Key Benefits:

• Chewy protein bar that helps sustain energy.
• No artificial sweeteners or trans fats.
• Assists in the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass.
• Available in three delicious chocolate covered flavours.
• Combines protein and carbohydrates for sustained energy release.

Assisting you by:

These convenient and tasty bars are the solution when you want a healthy snack. These nutritionally balanced bars are scientifically developed with vital nutrients and protein to support good health as well as facilitate weight management.

Satisfies hunger: Because the bars are high in protein, they can help stop hunger pangs and satisfy cravings. Snack alternative: Provides a delicious tasty treat, morning or afternoon.

They contain plenty of protein which contributes to the growth of muscle mass.

Key Ingredients:

Whey Protein: Commonly used by athletes to accelerate muscle development and recovery.

Packaged: SKU #0364 SKU #0365 SKU #0366
13.22 14 x 35g bars per box*

– Vanilla Almond
– Chocolate
– Peanut
– Citrus Lemon


Enjoy one or two bars per day.

Source: Herbalife Australia – Product Information Guide 11/16

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