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Are you eating too much without even knowing?

Are you eating too much without even knowing?

Keeping track of your daily intake of calories and the micro and macronutrients all comes down to knowing exactly what you’re eating everyday. However, as many people don’t realise there is a difference between a ‘serving’ and a ‘portion’, they could be consuming far more than they think, without even knowing it.

Are you eating too much without even knowing?

According to Registered Dietitian Susan Bowerman, “A ‘portion’ is the amount of food you serve yourself, although in most cases this is much larger than the ‘serving’ size listed on packets of foods or in government recommendations.”

“For example, if you look at the official serving of a muffin, the majority refer to a 30g muffin, which is just a couple of bites,” explains Bowerman. “However, if you buy a takeaway muffin or bake one yourself, it’s likely to be around four times bigger than this recommended serving.” This means that your calorie tracking for this food could be off by up to 75% – a big difference! She adds, “Similarly, most of us dish up at least three times more pasta than the recommended ‘serving’, as this would be so small that we’d likely think it was a side dish!”

To correct this, Bowerman cautions, “When looking at a packet that defines a serving size, you need to know exactly what you’re eating. Consuming four or five servings in one portion will make a big difference to your calorie intake”, and may also impact your goals. That’s why Herbalife snacks are portion controlled; to help you manage your calorie intake in an easy, delicious way. And they’re all high in protein too! Try a chocolate-covered Protein Bar, or if your taste buds prefer savoury, enjoy a high-protein serving of Roasted Soy Beans or Gourmet Tomato Soup.

Did you know?

Contrary to popular belief, snacking can be helpful for those trying to lose weight. Research shows eating one or more snacks per day in addition to meals does NOT increase total calorie consumption, as it often leads to eating less during main meals*.

A clinical study found that healthy, calorie-controlled snacks in portioncontrolled packs help people to eat less throughout the day**. The right snacks will add extra nutrients to your diet; rather than just empty calories.

High-protein snacks are a good choice to help you refuel after exercise and for those looking to tone up their physique, as protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle.

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