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How to Lose Weight with Herbalife Products

How to Lose Weight with Herbalife Products: Success Stories

Herbalife products include protein shakes and snacks; vitamins and nutritional supplements; sports and fitness supplements; and Outer Nutrition products. They are based on the fundamentals of good nutrition, a commitment to nutrition research and development, and a rigorous quality assurance program to control product integrity from Seed to Feed.

How to Lose Weight - 15 lbs. Lost

Luke P. Grand Rapids – How to Lose Weight – 15 lbs. Lost *

I was a personal trainer, natural bodybuilder and competitive martial artist when I had the opportunity to beta test the Herbalife24® nutrition line before its release. My goal was to test the products while getting ready for a bodybuilding show. Initially, I was on the Quickstart program plus the Herbalife24 products. Keeping Herbalife® products as a part of my daily exercise and nutrition program has allowed me to stay in shape and avoid big weight fluctuations.*

How to Lose Weight - 79.5 lbs. Lost

Erica T. Bristo – How to Lose Weight – 79.5 lbs. Lost *

My coach was a personal friend, but I was still skeptical. Once I stepped foot in her Nutrition Club, my impression changed. The Herbalife® products I used were Snack Defense®, Aminogen®† and Total Control®. People were noticing the difference; I was feeling the difference. Now I participate in Herbalife24FIT camps, Mommy & Me classes and, on my own, dancing. I’ve got more
weight to lose, and I feel like I’m well on my way.*

How to Lose Weight - 68 lbs. Lost

Aaroo A. Albuquerque – How to Lose Weight – 68 lbs. Lost *

Initially, I used Formula 1, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Total Control® and Herbal Aloe Concentrate. I had to learn what would be most nutritious for my third meal and to learn about portion control. I met my girlfriend through Herbalife and she knew all about portion control, so that really helped. I also started exercising, and I surrounded myself with people who knew how to exercise and loved doing it.*

*People who use Herbalife® Formula 1 twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around half a pound to 1 pound per week.
†Aminogen® is a registered trademark of Triarco Industries

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