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What Is a Nutrition Club?

What Is a Nutrition Club

What Is a Nutrition Club? An Herbalife Nutrition Club is a supportive community setting for people to focus on good nutrition through the use of Herbalife® products. As an Herbalife Member you may consider operating a Nutrition Club as a method of business. How you choose to operate your Nutrition Club is up to you, as long as you follow the Herbalife Rules of Conduct and Member Policies. You can infuse your own style and personality into your Nutrition Club.

What Is a Nutrition Club? Benefits of operating a Nutrition Club:

  • Convenience You can operate a Nutrition Club from a non-residential location or a Residential location. (Review the Nutrition Club Rules for examples of acceptable locations.)
  • Community Experience Your Nutrition Club Attendees and guests can familiarize themselves with Herbalife® products in a social atmosphere, allowing you to create and foster the personal relationship that is the essence of direct selling.
  • A Relaxed Setting A Nutrition Club is an informal environment where members can talk about and enjoy Herbalife® products (such as Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Herbal Tea Concentrate and Herbal Aloe beverage mixes) and learn about the income opportunity.
  • Retailing Opportunity Nutrition Club Attendees may purchase products for personal consumption at home.
  • Flexibility A Nutrition Club can be combined with other Herbalife business methods you are using.

What Is a Nutrition ClubNutrition Clubs are not retail stores, agencies or restaurants. A Nutrition Club may have a sign identifying itself, but it must meet the standards as described in the Nutrition Club Rules.

Starting and Registering a Nutrition Club

There is a lot to know before starting a Nutrition Club. The Herbalife Nutrition Club Operations Manual and Rules provide the information you will need to get started and register. Here is a basic outline of the steps you should take to open your Nutrition Club:

  • Visit several Nutrition Clubs on a “discovery day” with your Sponsor.
  • Participate in trainings with your Sponsor or other Nutrition Club operator(s) to learn the basics of operating a Club. Remember, the goal of the training is to gain an understanding of all aspects of operating a Nutrition Club, so you we recommend you spend time observing how the different operators run each aspect of their Nutrition Club.
  • Decide between opening a residential or non-residential location, and consider a single or multiple operators Nutrition Club.
  • For non-residential – search for a location; evaluate the lease and expenses associated with opening a Nutrition Club.
  • Research and review local, county, state codes, permits and insurance that may be required regardless of the location(s) or type of Nutrition Club(s) you decide to open.
  • Select name and get artwork for signage (if any).
  • Submit the Nutrition Club Registration with images of the space for your Nutrition Club 30 days prior to signing lease.*
  • Complete required Nutrition Club Operator’s Training on MyHerbalife.com.*
  • Receive communication from Herbalife registration process has been completed.
  • Sign lease; get permits, licenses, code inspections, and insurance.
  • Plan your Nutrition Club grand opening.

* Required for non-residential locations.

Before starting a Nutrition Club, Herbalife recommends that you become familiar with the operation of this type of Business Method and thoroughly consider the expenses and time commitment involved in operating a Nutrition Club.

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