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What is Herbalife Breakfast?


Herbalife Breakfast is an easy way to start conversations and discuss with ease the benefits of the Formula 1 shake, Instant Herbal Beverage and Herbal Aloe drink as a Herbalife breakfast option.

Herbalife Breakfast

To be successful with this programme, Herbalife Breakfast involves understanding the common consumer pitfalls of breakfast choices.

Breakfast Facts

A false myth is that most people skip breakfast – this is not true according to research.

At least 70% of people do have breakfast – but with today’s lifestyles, people either delay breakfast to mid-morning or simply opt for poor choices (source: Mintel 2010).

Poor breakfast choices may mean you’re not providing the body with the nutrients it requires in the morning.

Who is it for?

This programme is for everyone. It highlights the importance of making the right choices, and how bad choices can impact on every day and long term nutrition.

How do I get started?

To get started with the Herbalife Breakfast programme you need to get yourself familiar with two things:

  1. The Formula 1, Instant Herbal Beverage and Herbal Aloe Concentrate products
  2. Knowledge of the problems associated with common breakfast choices

Using the Herbalife Breakfast Presentation you will be able to show the benefits to planning a good breakfast such as getting those valuable nutrients in first thing in the morning.

And don’t forget to ask “Have you had your shake today?”

Source: Herbalife Zambia – Business Methods

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