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The Herbalife Sales & Marketing Plan provides many opportunities to earn income and other rewards

Full-time mom, part-time Herbalife member.

I am Tatiana.

Meet Tatiana. She is an independent Herbalife member and is using the supplemental income she earns to help pay for her son to attend private school.


The Herbalife Sales and Marketing Plan provides many opportunities to earn income and other rewards

Herbalife’s Sales & Marketing Plan offers you unique opportunities which can lead to higher levels of success and to great achievement. The plan was developed by Herbalife’s first Distributor and founder, Mark Hughes. The result is arguably the best Sales & Marketing Plan in the industry.

Herbalife’s Sales & Marketing Plan pays a high percentage of product revenues to Members and Distributors in the form of Retail and Wholesale Profits, Royalty and bonus income and incentives. This tested, proven business plan is designed to maximize rewards for effort and provide substantial and ongoing income.

The Herbalife business opportunity and the Sales & Marketing Plan are identical for every Herbalife Member. Each Member’s success is dependent on two primary factors:

  • The time, effort and commitment put into the Herbalife business and
  • The product sales made by a Member and their downline organization.

These two factors raise the importance of a Member’s responsibility to train, support and motivate their downline  organization.

The following pages describe the different levels of Herbalife’s Sales & Marketing Plan. Each level has specific qualifications and associated benefits to reward Members for their efforts and enhance their success.

Becoming a Member – The Important First Step

The only required purchase in order to become an Herbalife Member is the Mini Herbalife Member Pack (Mini HMP), or at your election, an Herbalife Member Pack (HMP). The Mini HMP (as well as the larger version) contains the Herbalife Membership Application and Agreement, which you must complete and submit in order to receive an Herbalife Identification Number and purchase products.


You officially become an Herbalife Member when your properly completed Application has been processed and accepted by the Herbalife World Operations Home Office. This process takes only a few days, but in the meantime, you are entitled to purchase Herbalife products from or through the Herbalife Sales Order Department, your Sponsor or first upline Fully Qualified Supervisor at the applicable discount.

Once your Application has been accepted, your contract with Herbalife becomes effective immediately, giving you all the rights, responsibilities and privileges of an Herbalife Member.

Income Opportunities

The Herbalife Sales & Marketing Plan provides many opportunities to earn income and other rewards.

Immediate Retail Profit

25% to 50%
The profit from direct sales to customers.

Daily Wholesale Profit

Up to 25% of earn base
The difference between what you pay for products and what Members in your personal organization pay for products.

Monthly Royalty Override Income

Up to 5% on the sales of all your Supervisors.
As a Supervisor, you earn up to 5% on the earn base value of all of your Supervisors, three active levels of downline.

Monthly Production Bonuses

TAB Team members can earn an extra 2% to 7%

Organizational Production Bonus.

Annual Bonuses

A bonus to Top Achievers in recognition of outstanding performance.

Qualify for Special Vacations and Training Events

Members who qualify are rewarded for consistent  performance and efforts in building their business.
Plus other special promotions and bonuses  throughout the year.

Source: Sales & Marketing Plan and Business Rules

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