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With the new changes required by the FTC, as an Herbalife Independent Distributor you have new requirements

Hello Valued Herbalife Independent Distributor,

Currently, within our Herbalife family, you have chosen the Distributor category. With the new changes required by the FTC, as a Distributor you have new requirements that you need to comply with as you use the products and work your Herbalife business. To maintain your ability to place orders you MUST comply with the new requirements below.

1. Designate the order purpose when placing an order.

a. The Three Choices of Order Purpose are:

i. Customer Direct – Herbalife sends the products directly to your customers.

ii. Personal Consumption – what you and your household will consume. Under the Order, these products may not be sold to customers. Additionally, you paid taxes on the discounted amount of the products that were designated for personal consumption, so you may not resell these products.

iii. Retail Inventory – for you to sell later. You must submit receipts for these purchases to Herbalife when you sell this product.

2. Document ALL sales to customers with a valid receipt.

a. Ways to Document Sales

i. Create a receipt on MyHerbalife.com – go to the menu and choose: “Customer” -> “Receipts” -> “Create New Receipt”

ii. Download and use the Herbalife® POS app that is available in the App Store® for Apple devices and Google Play™ for Android™ devices.

iii. Send in paper receipts if you are unable to submit receipts on MyHerbalife.com or unable to use the POS app. Distributors that do not follow these requirements will be put on an Order Hold. As you can see when you log in to MyHerbalife.com, we monitor and display your Documented Volume in relation to your purchases. Based on your percentage of Documented Volume in relation to how much you are ordering, we are writing to ensure that you are aware of the requirements above.

Keep in mind that Distributors are also required to complete mandatory training and comply with the new rules on documenting volume in order to qualify to earn royalties and Production Bonus.

If you are not selling to people or recruiting others to sell the products, then our Preferred Member category is recommended for you, as you can continue to enjoy your discount on the products without selecting an order purpose or documenting your volume. It’s easy to convert on MyHerbalife.com in “Your Profile.” Simply choose “Convert to Preferred Member” to see the details.

If you want to continue as a Distributor, we and the leadership in North America want to make sure you are confident and comfortable incorporating these changes into your business right away. If you need further help, know that you can contact your upline or the company at any time. You are an important part of our Herbalife family. Thank you for everything you do to spread the opportunity for better wellness and income with others.

Wishing you health and prosperity,

Source: New_Requirements_Letter_USEN.pdf

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