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1 billion active probiotic cultures, which promote digestive health

Simply Probiotic is a daily, science-backed probiotic that provides 1 billion active probiotic cultures, which promote digestive health. It is formulated with a powerful GanedenBC30®* strain that survives the gastric journey to get to where it counts, helping you feel your best every day.

*GanedenBC30® is a registered trademark of Ganeden Biotech.

Herbalife Simply Probiotic - promote digestive health - probiotic

Key Benefits

  • Delivers 1 billion active probiotic cultures per serving
  • Up to 70% of BC30 cells survive to colonize the gut†
  • Helps provide balance to good and bad bacteria (improving the gut bacteria profile)
  • Made with non-GM ingredients
  • Zero calories
  • No added flavors, colors, sugars or sweeteners
  • Portable, perfect for on-the-go use
†Based on in vitro study simulating gastrointestinal conditions


  • No refrigeration required
  • Mixes easily with your favorite food or drink (hot, cold or frozen)
  • Mix one scoop (1 g) with 12 oz. of water or your favorite hot or cold Herbalife® shake, tea or aloe drink
  • Certain intestinal imbalances may be associated with occasional digestive issues such as abdominal discomfort, bloating and diarrhea. Taking two servings daily may help to reduce the occurrence of these incidents.‡
‡Abdominal discomfort, bloating and/or diarrhea may be associated with any number of medical conditions. If these symptoms persist or worsen, it is recommended to follow up with your health care provider.


Probiotics are live bacteria naturally found in your body that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. These live bacteria can also be found in supplements and fermented foods. Introducing beneficial bacteria into your system directly in the form of probiotics can help balance the composition of bacteria in your gut.


Every day, things like poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and other environmental factors can impact the natural micro-flora – or balance – of your digestive system. This can lead to bloating, discomfort and other symptoms. Your digestive system is comprised of tens of trillions of microorganisms. Altogether, this bacterial colony is called the “gut microbiome.” These bacteria keep the growth of other potentially harmful bacteria at bay, thus promoting healthy digestion and maintaining your overall health and well-being.


Simply Probiotic is a daily, science-backed probiotic that helps promote the growth of friendly bacteria in your system, maintaining balance in your microbiome to keep you operating at your best. Because when you take care of your digestive health, the rest of you can thrive.


Simply Probiotic contains a patented GanedenBC30®* strain that survives the acidic gastric journey and doesn’t mature until it gets to where it counts most – your digestive tract. It comes in a powdered format that mixes easily in any food or drink (hot, cold or frozen), and requires no refrigeration. With zero calories and no added flavors, colors, sugars or sweeteners, Simply Probiotic fits seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle.

Source: SimplyProbioticScience-Flyer-USEN.pdf

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