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Get to know our Formula 1 Shakes

Get to know our Formula 1 Shakes

The Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix is our flagship product and comes in a variety of delicious flavors and formula options. Each serving of Formula 1 contains 9g of protein and 13g of carbohydrates along with a vitamin and mineral blend.

Get to know our Formula 1 Shakes

When prepared according to label instructions with 8 oz of nonfat milk, Formula 1 shake mix becomes a healthy meal replacement shake that contains 170 calories,17g of protein and 25g of carbohydrates.

Soy Protein

The soybeans used in our shakes are of the highest quality grown and harvested in the United States.

Most Formula 1 shakes contain 9 grams of soy protein; a significant contributor to the 25 grams of soy protein a day which studies have shown may reduce the risk of heart disease when used as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is a complete plant protein, and like other proteins, helps preserve lean muscle mass, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy level.


Carbohydrates provide the body with a source of glucose, which supplies energy and is used to support bodily functions and physical activity. They are a vital part of a healthy diet.

Most Formula 1 shakes contain about 13 grams of carbohydrates, which are composed of ~9 grams of sugar (as fructose, the same sugar that is naturally found in fruits), ~3 grams of fiber (including inulin, a prebiotic that helps promote the growth of flora) and ~1 gram of starch.

Vitamins and Minerals

Our shakes are formulated with 21 vitamins and minerals, a virtual alphabet of goodness. From Vitamin A to the complete family of B’s, C, D, E, chromium and iron to magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and many others.

Ingredients used for flavor

Our shakes are known for their great taste. From Dulce de Leche to Mint Chocolate and Banana Caramel, our main goal is to provide nutritious healthy meal alternatives that you will love. To that end, we use both natural and artificial flavors to create that special deliciousness that will make your mouth water. Depending on the flavor of the shake, we may also add such flavor enhancers as:

Salt – flavoring enhancer
Honey powder – sweetener
Cocoa powder – flavor
Ingredients used for color

Color is a key function of any food. The colors that go into our shakes are, for the most part, a natural consequence of the ingredients we use. However, we also add the following enhancers, when necessary in order to make the shakes more appealing to the eye:

Dulce de leche – Caramel coloring
Mint Chocolate – Yellow 5, Blue 1
Orange Cream – Beta carotene, also a source of Vitamin A
Wildberry – Red 40 Lake, Red 7215
Ingredients used for texture

Carrageenan – a source of fiber, it is also used as a thickening agent
Casein – Derived from dairy, it is also a source of calcium and phosphorus
Maltodextrin – A carbohydrate used as a thickener and to add calories
Guar gum – thickening agent and fiber
Citrus pectin – thickening agent
High oleic sunflower oil – principal source of fat
Canola oil – principal source of fat
Lecithin powder – emulsifier
Genetically Modified Ingredients

The ingredients in most Formula 1 shakes that may be derived from genetically engineered crops are:

soy protein isolates
soy lecithin
maltodextrin (corn)
fructose (corn)
canola oil

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