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Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label – We’re updating our product labels. See what’s new!

Last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated the guidelines that apply to product labels across the entire food and dietary supplement industry.

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

The new labels are based on the latest science, and the redesigned look makes the information easier to read and understand. As a result of the new guidelines, we will be phasing in updated labels through the rest of this year and into 2018.

Because of the limited space, the new labels will be shown in English only. The Spanish information will be available on MyHerbalife.com and GoHerbalife.com on each product page.

Here’s a breakdown of the FDA label changes that will soon start appearing on your favorite Herbalife® products.

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel

These changes apply to food labels only.

  • The type size for Calories, Servings Per Container, and Serving Size is now larger
  • Vitamin D and Potassium will replace Vitamins A and C as required vitamins and minerals that will need to be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel, whether they are in a product or not
  • Gram amounts will now be listed for all vitamins and minerals
  • Calories from Fat will no longer be listed
  • Sugars will be listed as Total Sugars
  • Added Sugars are now called out, and will include gram amounts and the percent of Daily Value

Updates to the Percent of Daily Values

This change applies to both food and dietary supplement labels.

  • The Percent of Daily Value (% Daily Value) has been updated according to new scientific evidence

Serving Size Update

  • Serving Size for beverages and powered drink mixes will be updated from 8 fl. oz. to 12 fl. oz.

Other Updates

  • The phrase Natural flavors with other natural flavors may now appear on labels when there is more than one natural flavor in the product that contributes to the main characterizing flavor on the label.

Learn more about the FDA’s changes to nutrition and supplement labels here

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