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Healthy Weight Customers

Healthy Weight Customers

Healthy Weight Customers – Why am I losing weight? Why isn’t the scale moving? What’s going on? It’s very frustrating because it’s like no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep hearing all of those negative comments, you know, like he’s just fighting an uphill battle and you’re never gonna literally starve myself sometimes.

Healthy Weight Customers

Healthy Weight Customers – I was at work one day, and I looked down and my stomach was touching the gas tank and it it was my oh wow moment. I remember stepping on the scale. And I was two pounds lighter than my father. Around 12 years old. I really ballooned.

I school I blown even more. And then college I was a balloon. I didn’t have friends in elementary because of my my weight. Nobody wanted to be friends with the big girl got up to like 400 pounds and these big old boys

marks like on my face. Because like, you know like once you get big like it starts to like wear when like your whole body. One day my son came up to me and asked me to go play with him and

I didn’t have the energy. I tried literally everything and so you do the next thing to think that’s gonna work and then that doesn’t work and so you spiral again, it’s kind of it’s lonely.

This isn’t this way that I see myself.

And I want it so bad. It’s just really hard like mentally, spiritually. Emotionally, I feel alone.

I really don’t have anyone that’s there to kind of be my accountability.

I believe my role as an Herbalife nutrition distributor is to really set powerful goals with somebody like I want to be there alongside them. She opened my eyes to see

It’s not just turkey let’s get some fish in there let’s get some vegetables in you

wasn’t very personalized. But that’s what we all need in weight loss is finding someone that they can relate to and talk to and have that same story with

we try to get them the best support system, constantly pushing them to get the best results and be the best version of themselves. I have met a ton of people here so not only are we a workout family, we’re actually friends and family outside of here now.

I keep on reading like different things like Like, like, like different body types and everything like I think that you need more like information.

Listen to liking an Herbalife ad. I learned how to eat right and I learned about my nutrition and working out. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’m a little bit leaner and a little bit stronger. I want to live a better, healthier life.

Healthy Weight Customers – Every morning I start my day with an Herbalife nutrition shake. I started seeing make a huge difference.

I like being out and having people and having, I guess the motivation around you.

I started working out twice a day, because I had so much more energy. I didn’t know what else to do with it. I got tremendous results. It was the greatest results I’ve ever received. Now when my son asked me to shoot some hoops, I want him out.

It’s not just a product, we really provide community. We provide support, we provide a one on one accountability, giving them that personalized experience. That’s the distributor difference. And I feel like that’s, that’s what’s gonna make all the difference in the world.

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