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Concentration workout

Concentration Workout

When we think about exercise, we often focus on all of the amazing benefits that it can have for our heart and muscles. But exercise also has incredible benefits for our brain.

Concentration Workout

I’m Samantha Clayton, and today’s workout is going to be all about concentration, I’m going to take you through your warm up. And then Denise ivantage is going to take you through an amazing workout that will help you to focus pay attention to your farm, so that you can get the most out of each and every workout. So with that, feed a shoulders with the pot, roll your shoulders back, and let’s just center ourselves for a second by taking a deep breath in. Breathing in for four counts of holding for for breathing out for four. Let’s go and breathe out.

Now let’s focus on engaging the neck muscles just stretching from one side of the body to the other. Keeping that Chin up. I just want to bring you into your body get you focused on movement focused on how it feels to move, roll those shoulders back, making those circles a little bit wider each time. arms go back. So right now we’re focused on those shoulders, I want you to roll them back, feel the muscles working. And then go ahead and grow the shoulders forward. From here, slight bend in the knees, go ahead, reach over to one side, and then just pull back. Now we’ll focus on warming up the back muscles, pulling that arm down. And then we’re gonna go ahead and switch to the other side.

So your warm up is all about getting the blood flowing, but focusing on each and every muscle. Ask yourself How does your body feel? Are you tight in a specific area? What do you need to work on most. From here, let’s start to engage the court bring the feet together hands behind the head. And I just want you to go ahead and lift the knee and take the elbow towards the knee, warming up the core. Focusing on every step remembering to breathe. From here, we’re going to do a basic reverse lunge, I want you to first lift me up, focusing on balance concentrate for a second. As you step back, bicep curl, come to the middle. Other side, lift, step back bicep, come back up. Let’s just do that a few more times.

Again, working on balance, getting the blood flowing. Just one more time on each side. Step back. One more time. From here, let’s just go ahead do some side squats. I know that Denise has an amazing workout plan for you. When it comes to training your body, you want to always be focusing on the movements think about what muscles you’re working, think about breathing oxygen into those muscles, staying focused, concentrating working on your form.

Just give me for more. One more. And I’ll find a warm up move is a simple core phrase to go ahead. Place your hands on your hips, push up onto your toes, and then come back down. Push up onto your toes. Come back down. Right so hopefully your muscles are feeling warmed up. Your blood is flowing. Let me turn you over to Denise to do a great workout. That is all about concentration. All right team. First concentration exercise up to date is a squat, we are going to be firing new brain synapses. Here we’re using a new memory pathway. We’re doing a basic squat. But for this first set, we’re gonna focus on driving through the heels. Let’s do a set of 10 focusing on really pushing those heels into the floor. There’s one good this is gonna help engage those glutes. drive those heels down. Good job.

We got two more. And one. Good. That’s our first set. Now, keeping that in mind, we are now going to go into set to where we are now not only focusing on pushing those heels down, but we’re going to be focusing on pulling those shoulders back, keeping that chest open and proud. Here we go set to drive the heels down, keep the shoulders back, chest open. Almost there. We got three more. And one beautiful job. Let’s shake those legs out. Alright, set three. Now another thing we’re going to focus on to make this basic exercise different and have our brains firing a little differently. Another concentration that you need to do is not only pushing the heels down, not only pulling the shoulders back, but holding the core tight. There’s three things we’re going to concentrate on for this set. You ready, let’s go into it. drive those heels, pull the shoulders back. And now escape that core and hold that core in nice and tight.

Pull the shoulders back. Doing great. Good, we got to concentrate. And done. There you go using a basic exercise, but making it brand new with newer techniques. All right, we’re gonna go into a lunch. Now, the first set we’re going to do, we need to focus on a base of support. When we lunch, we’re going to start under your shoulders, we’re going to keep that base of support. So if I were to roll a basketball underneath you, it’s going to roll right in between those legs. We’re going to come down, keeping the shoulders back. That’s the first concentration we are going to concentrate on today. We take it down, shoulders back and all the way up. Don’t let that knee touch the floor, but you want it to come down really close. shoulders are back. chest is open and proud. You can place your hands on your hips if you want to. Two more. And last one here. Beautiful. Let’s do a set of 10 on the other side. Focusing on keeping those shoulders back.

Remember we’re using a basic exercise. But really making a technique driven using different parts of the brain. focus and concentrate. Shoulders back. Last one, beautiful. Shake those legs out, we’re going into set to now. Now we’re not only focusing on pulling those shoulders back, we’re gonna focus on keeping that neck nice and long and neutral. So as you come down into that lunge, space to support, shoulders back, neck, nice and tall. You want to keep that spine, neutral head neutral in line with the spine. Ready, here we go for 10. Five more. neck is neutral. shoulders are back, concentrate. And check it out a little bit. We’re gonna go into that second leg for one set of 10 right here, focus, okay, nice basic support. Neutral neck, shoulders back, concentrate on those two techniques. For more 321 here, dude, we’ll pick it up, shake it out a little bit. Going into our last set. Now we’re going to layer on another technique.

This technique is driving that front heel into that floor really engaging the glutes. Okay, so not only shoulders down and back, neck neutral, as tight, but also adding this on. There’s a great concentration workout right here. basic exercises, but making them harder with technique. Shoulders back, neutral. Now, drive the heel for 10. drive through that front heel, you’re gonna feel that glute fire. Five more. Three, and two, and one. Beautiful. Take it right into a second leg. Same thing. Do you remember basic support, shoulders down and back. Nice and neutral and drive through the front Hill. Far more, three, two, and one. Beautiful. Take that backup, shake those legs out. One more movement to go through. Again, very basic push up, we’re gonna start that first set on our knees, what we’re going to focus on for this push up, is really retracting the shoulders back, pulling those shoulders back, keeping the neck long, and shoulders down.

So let’s start on the floor first, on the knees, toes and knees are on the floor. nice and straight plank position, we’re going to come down and we’re going to do a set of 10 together, all the way down, all the way up focusing on keeping a nice neutral head. So this concentration we’re focusing on right now is shoulders back, keeping them retracted and depressed. So pulled down and back, we got five more and 4321 and one beautiful. Let’s roll the wrist out. Now for the second set, we’re going to do something a little bit different for those of you that are in between the modified on the knees, and not quite on the toes. Okay, so what we’re going to do is you’re going to get into that pushup position, pull the nice plank for me, we’re going to come down, straight knees off the floor.

Again, focusing on keeping those shoulders down and back, we’re going to come down towards the floor, place the knees on the floor, and then push up. Now, for this one, we’re not only going to focus on pulling those shoulders and keeping them down and back. But we’re going to focus on keeping that core super tight. There’s two techniques you want to focus to concentrate on. Alright, here we go for a set of 10. You come down, knees on the floor, push it up, knees off the floor, come down, knees on the floor, push up, knees off the floor, come down, knees on the floor, push up. And repeat. Remember, neck is neutral. shoulders are down and back. And Abs are tight. Five more. For more here. We got our last three, hang with me. And done. Beautiful, pick it up. Let’s roll those wrists.

Roll those shoulders. Now, this last set, I need you to focus on not only keeping the shoulders down and back and the abs tight. But we’re gonna focus on the hip position. Now, this last set we’re going to be doing on our toes, a lot of people tend to either hike the hips up or sag the hips down, I want you to focus on keeping those hips tight by squeezing not only the core, but the glutes as well. So the entire body is going to be tight. We’re going to do 10 off of our toes. But those of you that are ready, come on to your toes. Join me for those of you that are not do the modified ones that I just did. Here we go. For 10. Last set here, concentrate, remember shoulders down and back. abs tight, loose, tight. Let’s go 10 nine. For more.

Three more. Two more. Last one, team. Beautiful work. Let’s take those shoulders down and back. Take an arm across, rotate that wrist. Again, down, back with the shoulders, arm across, rotate the wrist. beautifulness take it down. We’re gonna sit it down. Take those legs straight out in front of you. Interlace those fingers. Reach up those palms out, reach forward. Pull those toes in reach the toes, straightening out the back legs getting a nice constraint. We’re going to take it up, same thing up to the sky, reach to one side. push those ribs out. And other side. Taking it down. Let’s take that leg across, across one leg over the other. turn towards the opposite way. Try to look over that shoulder. really feeling that stretching the glutes. outer thigh. Beautiful. set that down. Same thing opposite side. cross it over. Take that opposite elbow over look over the shoulder.

Give me a nice twist. Perfect Day Thank you for joining me on this concentration workout, really focusing on technique and improving the memory of your brain. Good job today.

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