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20 – Herbalife Tri-shield, Herbalifeline, Herbalife Mega Garlic Plus, Herbalife CoQ10 Plus

This proprietary
blend is formulated
with omega-3
fatty acids from
Neptune Krill
Oil (NKO®‡),
which support
Omega-3 fatty acids
help maintain healthy
cholesterol and triglyceride
levels already within a
normal range.*
Taking DHA regularly also
helps to support normal
brain function and vision.*
Supportive but not
conclusive research
shows that consumption
of EPA and DHA
omega-3 fatty acids may
reduce the risk of
coronary heart disease.
Garlic supports
healthy circulation,
heart health and
healthy triglyceride
and cholesterol levels,
already within a
normal range.*
Vitamin C provides
antioxidant support.*
CoQ10 provides
energy to heart
cells and supports
the heart muscle.*
Vitamin D supports
heart health.*
Antioxidant activity
of CoQ10 protects
cells from damaging
effects caused
by oxidative stress

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