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Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive – New Hypotonic drink

Herbalife24 CR7 Drive - New Hypotonic drink

In partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, Herbalife24 has developed a new Hypotonic drink for advanced hydration and endurance. With natural flavors and colors, #CR7DRIVE is a modern hypotonic drink, light tasting with a refreshing subtle Acai Berry flavour.

CR7 Drive -New Hypotonic drink

Rapidly fuel your workouts and enhance hydration

When you exercise, your body requires additional nutrients, such as carbohydrates and electrolytes that are not present in water.

Light tasting and refreshing, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, CR7 Drive is a sports drink designed to provide people with components necessary for performance: rapid energy to fuel the body during workouts and enhanced hydration with 320 mg of vital electrolytes lost during exercise.

Herbalife24 CR7 Drive - New Hypotonic drink

Consume pre-workout to top off energy systems, or during exercise to fuel and get the most out of your workouts. Canister: Mix one scoop (13.5 g) per 8 fl. oz. of water; Packets: Mix one packet (one packet = 2 servings) per 16 fl. oz. of water.

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