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The Herbalife Solution

The Herbalife Solution

The Herbalife Global Nutrition Philosophy is based on balanced nutrition, leading a healthy, active life and following a personalized program with the support of an Independent Herbalife Member. This philosophy is helping to change the nutrition habits of the world, one person at a time.

Herbalife Solution

High-Quality Products

Scientifically substantiated ingredients
Herbalife partners with the best suppliers, and all ingredients must meet stringent testing standards.

Nutrition based on science
Formulated by a team of highly respected Herbalife scientists and Ph.D.s.

Thorough testing
Extensive testing throughout the process ensures the identity and purity of ingredients and finished products.

Manufactured with care
Investing in the expertise, facilities and technology to exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) around the world.

Nutrition delivered to the customer
Herbalife carefully monitors the environment where products are transported and stored at more than 700 global access points and counting.

The product is part of this new social network. You buy the product, but you also get personal support and coaching from an Herbalife Member, you get education, you get a society, you get a social network that you become part of, so that you share your stories, you work out together, you walk together. I think it’s wonderful.

Dr. Richard Carmona
Former U.S. Surgeon General
and Herbalife Board Member

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