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Herbalife Products: Where Change Begins

Herbalife Products: Herbalife has a variety of products to help customers meet their goals. Whether the objective involves managing, losing or gaining weight, improved fitness performance, or cardiovascular health, Herbalife® product lines can help customers achieve their goals.

Herbalife Products

Herbalife has thousands of stories from its Members and customers whose lives have changed for the better because of Herbalife. These stories can be viewed at IAmHerbalife.com.

Weight Management

Weight management doesn’t have to be a challenge. Herbalife programs can be personalized to the protein needs of different people to help them lose, gain or maintain weight.

Targeted Nutrition

Everyone has different health needs. Herbalife has products for men and women that target heart health, digestion, immunity and stress management.

Herbalife Products

Energy & Fitness

Whether a customer is a triathlete or an occasional sports enthusiast, exercise increases his or her body’s nutritional needs. Herbalife Energy & Fitness products hydrate, increase energy and support recovery for everyday life and workouts.

Personal Care

Outer Nutrition products beautify and protect skin and hair. Combining the best ingredients from science and nature, they make customers look as good as they feel. Skin-care nutrition blends Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients. Herbalife SKIN is dermatologist tested and products are formulated without the addition of parabens or sulfates.

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