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The Herbalife Satisfaction Guarantee

The Herbalife Satisfaction Guarantee

Herbalife guarantees the quality of products that carry the Herbalife name and certifies that they meet high standards of freshness and purity.

We are confident that all Customers (Preferred Members and retail customers) will find our products satisfactory in every way. However, if for any reason, a Customer is not completely satisfied with any Herbalife® product purchased, directly from us or from an Herbalife Distributor, the Customer may return it for a refund or product exchange within 30 days from the date the Customer receives the product.

The Customer may obtain their refund or exchange either from Herbalife or the Distributor from whom the product was purchased. The Customer will be asked to return the unused portion of the product, the original product labels, or the empty product containers, along with a copy of their retail receipt.

Herbalife’s Satisfaction Guarantee is limited only by the terms of certain specific warranties attached to or packaged with certain products. The Guarantee does not apply to any product intentionally damaged or misused.

Similarly, subject to certain conditions, Distributors who purchase a product for their own consumption and who are not satisfied with the product, may return it within 30 days (from the date they received the product) in exchange for other product. To initiate the exchange, contact the Refunds & Repurchase Department at 866-866-4744 for a “Return Authorization Number.”

Distributor Must Honor Guarantee

Distributors must honor the Satisfaction Guarantee quickly and courteously, according to these instructions.

The Distributor must offer the Customer a full credit toward the purchase of other Herbalife® products or a full refund of the purchase price, and advise Herbalife.

The Customer may also contact Herbalife directly for a refund by calling 866-866-4744 or by following the instructions available at Herbalife.com.

A Distributor must provide a completed Retail Receipt Form with each retail sale made to a Customer. It is important for the Customer to know how to reach the Distributor for more products, questions, refunds, etc.

If a Customer requests a refund directly from a Distributor, the Distributor must complete a Request for Refund Form, a copy of which is included in the “Sample Forms” section of this book. The Distributor should calculate the amount of the Customer’s refund or credit due, have the Customer sign the Refund Form, and immediately pay the refund to the Customer or apply a credit to other products.

The Distributor should then submit the Request for Refund Form and a copy of the Customer’s original Retail Receipt Form, along with the unused portion of the product, or the original product labels, or the empty product containers, to Herbalife within 30 days of making the refund to the Customer. Herbalife will then exchange the returned product with the identical replacement product for the Distributor as soon as all the required documentation has been received. In the case of a Distributor exchanging product, there may be an additional inquiry to ensure that the reason for the return is the Distributor’s dissatisfaction as a consumer of the products returned.

Herbalife® products are properly sold by authorized Distributors in situations that allow for explanation and guidance on the best and safe use of Herbalife® products. Distributors must follow Herbalife’s rules on maintaining product quality, proper product storage, providing complete product presentations, and providing proper product use directions. Because of this, the Satisfaction Guarantee is limited to purchases from Distributors or, directly from Herbalife.

A Distributor who receives a Satisfaction Guarantee request from an individual who did not purchase from that Distributor, should refer the individual directly to Herbalife’s Refunds & Repurchase Department at 866-866-4744.

Because only Herbalife and its Independent Distributors are authorized to provide instructions and information concerning proper and optimal use of Herbalife products, it is essential that Herbalife verify that these individuals purchased the products from Herbalife or an authorized Distributor before processing the individual’s request under the Satisfaction Guarantee.

Source: TheHerbalifeSatisfactionGuarantee.pdf

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