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I Am Nancy – Inspiring a community through good nutrition

I Am Nancy

Nancy is helping her community lead healthier lives by enjoying good nutrition.

I Am Nancy - Inspiring a community through good nutrition

Nancy is a former preschool teacher who became her own boss. She’s a wife, and a mother to 4 great children. She’s also a driving force helping change the lives of those in her community. Nancy is an independent Herbalife member and this is her Herbalife journey.

17 years ago, Nancy made what she calls her “best decision” — she began enjoying Herbalife nutrition products. Then a pre-school teacher, Nancy was looking to lose weight and become healthier. She decided to give Herbalife Nutrition a try and began using Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix and to exercise regularly. When her colleagues and friends saw positives changes in Nancy, she soon started selling Herbalife products part-time.

It was around that time she met her husband, Ruben, with whom she runs her Herbalife business. Like with any small business, Nancy and her husband worked tirelessly and endlessly to achieve success. A successful endeavor that allowed her to dedicate herself full-time to her family, leaving teaching behind.

One of Nancy’s favorite elements of starting her own Herbalife business is that the flexibility of her schedule allows her to be a full-time mother. She’s able to drop them off at school in the morning, accompany them on field trips, and help them with their homework. Simply put, being an independent Herbalife member has given her family quality time.

Just as Herbalife products brought results to Nancy, Nancy has been able to help change the way her community approaches nutrition. Running a nutrition club provides people in her community the opportunity to eat better, and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Her nutrition club is a place where neighbors come together, get support and enjoy good nutrition.

A family, a business, and positive impact — Nancy’s Herbalife story has many positive elements. And she wants people, including her children, to know that hard work is crucial to success and to building a life that works for you.

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