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Food Business Operator (FBO)

Food Business Operator (FBO)

Food Business Operator (FBO) - Herbalife India

Registration Certificate or License

Eligible Food Business Operators such as manufacturers, storage, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc., need to have a License from the state authority (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

Must haves for a FBO:

  • Every Food Business Operator (FBO) must be Licensed or Registered
  • If FBO is operating in more than 1 state, one additional Central License for Head/Registered Office is required
  • One Premise with multiple kind of businesses is eligible for one License/Registration only
  • Every FBO must comply with the conditions of the License/Registration

To Comply with the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing / Registration) Regulations, 2011, it is essential to have a copy of the any of the following documents:

  • Registration Certificate*, issued by the Registering Authority under FSSAI OR
  • A license*, issued by the Licensing Authority under FSSAI

*As the case may be

Non-submission of either Registration Certificate or License under FSSAI will adversely impact the sale of food products from Herbalife, and consequently may affect payout of your earnings.

To help our Associate’s in their Licensing and Registration process, we have provided various information through links or downloadable documents as found below:

Website links that help in the completion of the License and Registration process:

Information about State Food Safety Department pertaining to every state of India can be checked here

FSSAI Licensing & Registration System:

How to Apply?
Procedure to apply for FSSAI Registration
FSSAI Online Registration Website link
Download the FSSAI Registration Form from here and complete the form manually
Download the FSSAI Categorization Table

Download the informative documents from here:

Application filing process for Food Business Operator
List of designated officers with address and contact details

Once your Registration Certificate/License is complete, upload and submit your documentation:

Submit Your Registration/License

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