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Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities

Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities

Do’s and Don’ts

As a general guideline, Independent Herbalife Associates engaging in Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities whether it is a stand-alone activity or part of a Nutrition Club are enjoined to ensure full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and Herbalife Rules. Rules pertaining to the conduct of one’s Associateship as stipulated in but not limited to the Herbalife Career Manual, and Advisories apply.

Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities


Check your country, state, or local rules on exercise and fitness and adhere to these rules.

If you are conducting physical activities, ensure that they are led by a certified trainer/ fitness instructor (where required) and that you and the certified trainer/ fitness instructor have the necessary qualifications.

Inform participants to seek for a fitness certificate from a certified Doctor before they take part in physical activity.

Recognize that everyone has different physical abilities and levels of fitness and that not everyone is able to perform physical activities at the same level.

Read up on Herbalife Rules, Healthy Active Lifestyle Manual, and relevant advisories.

Before starting an activity, ensure that first time participants sign a waiver form as part of their registration. Keep these signed forms.

Ensure that you hold all appropriate insurance policies and are aware of their terms and conditions.

To the extent that you are conducting group activities, ensure that you have all appropriate permits and licenses to conduct that activity, particularly if conducted outside.

Products must be consumed inside the Club, home, or office. Registered attendees may carry out one shake or one cold tea (subject to Nutrition Club rules) per day from the club, home, or office, but only in unbranded containers of not more than one single serving.

All Herbalife products must be sold unopened and in their original Herbalife packaging.

In the Nutrition Clubs and elsewhere, Herbalife products must always be served, consumed, and applied in accordance with the instructions on the printed labels.

You may display product-related literature, promotional items, Herbalife products, unopened and in their original packaging, but such displays may not be visible from the exterior.

Always practice good hygiene and maintain clean and sanitary premises.

Leave a good impression on other Associates in your community. Clean up after an activity.

Every Nutrition Club operator must post the Nutrition Club Advisory and Advisory for Nutrition Club Operator in prominent places of the Club.

Follow the rules on signage’s, window and door coverings when operating a Nutrition Club.


Club Operators or Healthy Active Lifestyle coaches may not mix Formula 1 Nutritional Shake or Herbalife Instant Beverage Tea using alcoholic beverages, medications or other inappropriate ingredients.

Products which are not packaged and labelled for individual sale as individual units or single servings may not be sold in the Nutrition Club, or elsewhere. Loose tablets may not be sampled.

Attendees may share their experiences from using the products, but the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or medical condition and under no circumstances should there be any statements, advertising or implications to the contrary. Don’t give the impression that a doctor or medical professional is recommending the products.

Do not put up a menu in the Nutrition Clubs, home or office, even without the price.

Unless you are a certified trainer/ fitness instructor, attendees should not be given the impression that the exercise or fitness activity is being led or organized by one.

Don’t encourage or force participants to push themselves beyond their physical limitations.

Don’t organize activities which are dangerous or have a high chance of injury. If you do, ensure that participants are made aware of the potential risks before they participate. If you are, or engage, a certified trainer/ fitness instructor, do not conduct activities other than those for which you or the certified trainer/ fitness instructor have the relevant qualifications.

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