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John Agwunobi Talks with Michael Johnson

John Agwunobi Talks with Michael Johnson

The Power of Leadership: John Agwunobi and Michael Johnson talk about John’s path in Herbalife Nutrition, leading up to his new role as CEO, and his vision for the future of our company.

Michael Johnson: Hey team Herbalife Michael Johnson here. Our future is bright beyond compare. And that future starts with a new CEO that will take up the baton of this position, a very important position in this company for leadership, but there’s never been a better person for the moment than your new CEO, dr. john Arden, ob, welcome, my friend will do this. So I want to have a conversation with you if that’s okay. So I think that the message of confidence is super important. But also the message of who you are, is very valuable for every one of our distributors and customers. And for everybody, governments for everybody to know who John Agwunobi. So help me out here. Start me back to the arc of your story.

John Agwunobi Talks with Michael Johnson

John Agwunobi: Yes. So Michael, as you know, I joined the company four years ago. So let me start with the end of my journey. I’ve spent the last four years Herbalife nutrition University, learning from our distributors learning in the field learning from you and many others like you across the company. And it’s been quite an experience for me. I started my journey back as a young child growing up in Scotland. I went on and became a physician, a paediatrician, and then I became a public health worker. I’ve had the opportunity to serve at the state level, at the federal level and on the global stage as I participated in a lot of work with the World Health Organization.

But I think the experience it gives me the most relevant background for the role that I’m about to take on is the role that I played when I ran all of the health related businesses at Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, you know, there I learned the importance of decent product, the importance of product that delivers It’s results product that delivers its promise. I learned the importance of recognizing what the customer wants and understanding their experience. You know, my past is interesting. Lots of zigs and zags, lots of ups and downs, Michael, but I have to tell you, I look at my past and I realize now that all of that was simply training for the role that I’m about to take on. My past experiences were experiences that somehow somewhere were designed to help get me ready for this role.

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