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Supply Chain Confidence

Supply Chain Confidence

The Herbalife Nutrition supply chain continues to deliver quality products; employees continue to give their best and Distributors continue to help their customers achieve their goals. As new challenges arise, we continue to overcome them to deliver high quality nutrition.

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It’s a new day. And it feels like the world has changed in an instant little seems certain. But our commitment is this farmers will still plant and our supplies will be delivered. employees will continue to dedicate themselves to our shared mission in a safe environment and our distributors will keep helping their customers reach their goals together were a resilient bunch and have the plans and the people in place to meet this challenge.

Supply Chain Confidence

Past investments give us confidence that we can continue producing the best nutrition products during these trying times so that our distributors can focus on what they do best improving their customers lives. from China to Europe, California to North Carolina and everywhere Herbalife nutrition has made we’re putting safety first. Our products start with our essential employees and they inspire us with their poise and commitment in the face of adversity. City, the world we’ll get there.

But in the meantime, we are seeing the best that people have to offer. We continue to see innovation soar, we continue to see a determined spirit. It’s a new day and we’ll continue to deliver the world’s best nutrition.

Commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do. That is why we implemented our “Seed to Feed” initiative—we understand the importance of having complete control over our products, with the ability to trace every active ingredient. That means we work closely with partner-farmers in Mexico for our aloe, and in China to source our teas and certain botanicals. We know our soy farmers and we team with leading producers of other macro and micronutrients so we’re confident in the purity of our ingredients. And to ensure that what is on the label is in the product, our seven world-class quality control laboratories are ISO 17025-certified, which means they reach the gold standard for testing and sampling.

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