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Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition – Chairman and CEO John Agwunobi discusses our plan to be the most scientifically grounded company in the nutrition industry. As we actively improve current products and develop new offerings, we always maintain our high standard of quality. Ultimately, our goal is to design the best product to serve your market.

Something that makes this such a special company and one that I’m so proud to be a part of is our products. As a doctor and former public health official, I can truly say there is a lot to be proud of in the quality nutrition that we offer. Our products are high quality, and they taste great. And along with your coaching, customers can achieve great results. But we can’t afford to be complacent.

Herbalife Nutrition

We will continue to relentlessly improve the products that you and your customers value. We also want to make sure we accelerate the globalization of all our most successful products, including our Herbalife 24 line. We’re working on a plan to get more products registered in more countries, which your original product committed.

These can then review and then provide feedback to us about launch and timing. Responding to customer demand is key for any company. And we’re doing so by combining your insights with trends in the marketplace.

Things like alternative ingredients. Organic and vegan options are all products that will appeal to new customers while giving your current customers more choice. And no one knows your customers and what they want better than you will continue to focus on regional and local preferences to offer products that are relevant in specific markets. We want to make sure you have the products you need to serve your customers in your markets.

There are some other exciting product opportunities to come. We’re at the crossroads of science and nutrition and that science continues to open doors to new possibilities. As we look to the future, we want to be known as the most scientifically grounded company in the entire nutrition industry.

The science is complex. That’s true, but our goal is to stay at the forefront. as we learn more about things like the microbiome, and brain and gut health. We’ve already launched a few products in this area, but we have even more in the pipeline for this year. For example, products that support mental focus and performance and age related cognitive function.

We know today’s consumers are focused on personalization. Herbalife nutrition has been a personalized nutrition company for 40 years tailoring products and programs to meet the needs of your customers. And we’ll continue to identify new ways and new tools to help you do it. Like we’ve done with Gene start in Korea, an important part any product is the packaging. And we plan on delivering packaging that is more profitable and more user friendly.

For example, book pack Formula One for nutrition clubs, and single serve packaging for customers on the go. At the heart of all this is our promise that our products will always be of the highest quality products you and your customers can trust products that when combined with the distributor difference, the personalized service and coaching that you provide, deliver results. At the end of the day. It’s all about working together and ensuring you have the products you need in order to serve your customers.

As a distributor first company that’s our commitment to you!

Herbalife Nutrition.

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