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Manufacturing Leadership Award is a Result of a Teamwork

2016 Manufacturing Leadership Award winner Joseph Plunkett says great teamwork is the key to operational excellence.

By Joseph Plunkett, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations and Engineering, Herbalife
July 07, 2016.


I am honored, on behalf of the Herbalife manufacturing and engineering team, to be named a 2016 Manufacturing Leadership Award recipient in “Visionary Leadership” for helping Herbalife develop, implement and manage a strategy of self-manufacturing.

Since I joined Herbalife in 1998, we’ve been focused on making world-class manufacturing and quality control systems to support the growing demand for our nutrition products. We make high-quality products, backed by science and research, in accordance with our Seed to Feed philosophy and strict regulations.

At Herbalife, we pride ourselves in making the necessary investments to create a competitive advantage in the manufacturing of regulated nutrition products such as dietary supplements, foods and acidified foods. Our staff, state-of-the-art equipment and quality control systems throughout the entire manufacturing process help to ensure that every product meets our exacting quality standards. From the cultivation of source ingredients to the final delivery of product to consumers, a commitment to quality and traceability is at the heart of everything we do.

This award is a result of a true team effort. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Michael O. Johnson, Rich Goudis, Chief Operating Officer and Dave Pezzullo, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, our Seed to Feed commitment to excellence can be seen in a few important metrics:

  • We’ve invested more than $250 million in facilities, equipment and talent over the past six years
  • We self manufacture over 50 percent, as measured by volume, of our nutrition products
  • We sold 67.1 million canisters, or 1.5 billion servings, of Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix in 2015

Two company-owned centers of manufacturing in the United States are setting the standard for the nutrition industry. Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is our $130 million, 800,000 square-foot mega facility that includes a research and development laboratory. H.I.M. Lake Forest in California is a 133,00 square-foot manufacturing facility and quality control laboratory. Both locations are certified by NSF International and comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices, and the quality laboratories at both facilities are ISO17025 certified and accredited.

In China, we have three more facilities. H.I.M. Suzhou began operations in 2000 and expanded in 2012. This facility manufactures powders and tablets for the China market.

H.I.M. Changsha began operations in 2012 and is a state-of-the-art botanical extraction facility sourcing directly from trusted farms, and H.I.M.

Nanjing, which commences commercial operations this month, includes a research and technical center of operations lab.

Source: http://iamherbalife.com/blog/innovation/herbalife-honored-for-manufacturing

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