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Nutrition Club

What is a Nutrition Club?

Nutrition Club

Nutrition Clubs provide a supportive community setting for people who wish to focus on good nutrition through the consumption of Herbalife® products. In a relaxed setting, such as a home, offi ce or meeting room, Nutrition Club members can talk about and enjoy Herbalife® products, such as Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Herbal Aloe beverages and more. Nutrition Clubs are not franchises, retail stores, outlets or restaurants.

The primary objective of the Nutrition Club is to provide balanced daily nutrition. Nutrition Club members can visit a Club regularly during the Club’s operating hours. By paying a membership fee that is set by the Club operator, members enjoy Herbalife® products, the benefi t of Herbalife® instructional materials about healthy eating and exercise, and ongoing support for their nutritional goals from the Club operator and other members. As they experience positive results over time, Nutrition Club members can share those results in a friendly, social setting. They may also buy Herbalife® products for home use or decide to join Herbalife. The daily reinforcement of personal goals is what keeps members coming back to the Nutrition Club.

The first Nutrition Club was opened by an Herbalife Independent Member in Mexico to share Herbalife® products and the business opportunity. Along with traditional business methods, Nutrition Clubs have gained popularity and are being operated by independent Members worldwide.

Club Locations
Nutrition Clubs may be established in a residential or non-residential location. It’s always important to uphold the “Good Neighbor Policy.” If your Club operates in a residential location (your home), this means being mindful of noise, tra„ c congestion, parking and other potential nuisances from your Club that can a† ect your neighborhood. Let your neighbors know that you will be having Nutrition Club meetings in your home and invite them to participate so that they better understand and support your Herbalife business. Remember that Clubs operating from a residential location cannot have any external signage. Having a residential Nutrition Club allows operators to serve their Club members in a casual, familiar place that puts their friends and family at ease. Talking about nutrition and weight loss may be di„ cult for some guests, so going to a familiar home can be comforting. Residential Clubs are also a great way to test how the Nutrition Club concept might work best for your business.

As your residential Club grows, you may consider moving to a non-residential location, which involves renting a meeting space in a commercial area, as well as acquiring insurance and various permits from your city, county and state. As with any business decision, you should evaluate the costs and commitment associated with operating in a non-residential location to make sure it makes sense for your business. Use the information in this manual and consult with your Sponsor or other Nutrition Club operators to help you with this decision.

Nutrition Clubs provide their members with regular opportunities to socialize, as well as frequent educational and coaching sessions on nutrition and weight management while familiarizing themselves with Herbalife® products. With regular visits, Nutrition Club members may begin to notice product results and are encouraged to share their success story at the Club. Building a supportive community through fun activities and recognition encourages daily consumption and fosters personal relationships, which is the essence of direct selling.

Nutrition Club Philosophy

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